Website Credits

Bell’s Books Web Team

Of course, our website is a team effort.


Chris has taken on the role of instigator and photographer. He will be chief of maintenance if he ever masters the software.



Alli (Alinawa Farquhar), working from Napier, New Zealand, has developed the overall site map, navigation and page design, and has helped train her Uncle Chris in the technicalities and idiosyncrasies of the software.




Imbaw (Lingbawan Storer) found, implemented and fine-tuned the “Zoomer” we are using for shelf picture magnification. He has also taken on the task of training his Uncle and finding technical fixes for many of the unavoidable problems of working with a neophyte.




Faith has been the true “Artistic Director,” writing and/or editing the text as well as pushing us all to improve on layout, color matches and in general, setting a high standard for the style, coherence, and ease of use of the site. is, of course, a work in progress. We have far to go, but in the end, our goal is to make the site a virtual experience of Bell’s Books, as much like a visit to the store as we can manage. However, the store is unique, a small corner of civilization holding its own against the forces of entropy that are deconstructing our human world. We hope you will make time to visit us when you are in Palo Alto.


The Bell’s Books Web Team