With 300,000 volumes in stock, and hundreds pouring in daily, we are not able to provide a text listing of our titles, but we hope to offer a selection from our holdings in time. However, you may browse pictures of a sampling of our shelves with high resolution images to enable you to see titles and authors as you would in the store. Once the image loads, move your cursor over the picture to zoom in on particular areas for a close-up. You may be able to further increase the magnification with a mouse scroll wheel.

English Language Classics (Adams to Conrad)
English Language Classics (Conrad to Godwin)
English Language Classics (Goldsmith to Irving)
English Language Classics (James to MacDonald)
English Language Classics (Moore to Sterne)
English Language Classics (Stevenson to Trollope)
English Language Classics (Twain, Wilde & Dickens)
English Language Classics (Twain)
History Cases – Classical
History Cases – Western Americana 1
History Cases – Western Americana 2
Humanities Case
Literature Case
Misc. Case – Humanities, Transportation, Crafts, etc.

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