Curbside Pick-Up & Service at the Door


Due to the current Covid numbers, we have decided to adopt the model of curbside pick-up and/or service at the door. While we are not allowing extended browsing in the store at this time, you can still get your books here at Bell’s! Here are the two best ways:

  1. Curbside pick-up: Give us a call at (650) 323-7822 between 11 am and 5 pm. We are happy to take a look through our shelves to find the one you’re looking for, or make suggestions for alternates. From there, we can process a card over the phone and have the book ready for pick up between the above hours of the same day! Or, we can offer a couple of options for you to peruse when you come by.
  2. Service at the door: If you find yourself in the neighborhood between 11 am and 5 pm, you can come up to the door and ask us for a book. We are happy to look for anything you might have in mind, and we will have plenty of exciting titles in the windows for browsing.

And as always, check out our Instagram for inspiration! We will be posting lots of books and shelves on our Stories, and we have books for every interest.

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