Where Else, Except at Bell’s?

Where else can you go to find an 84-volume set of bound Disney comics… all in Portuguese? Here at Bell’s, of course!

This is an essential find for the Disney completist in your life, or anyone who would like to learn Portuguese along with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and all their friends!

Handsomely bound in red cloth, this set covers 13 and 1/2 feet of shelf space: an ideal backdrop and conversation starter at your next Zoom session!

Goofy: Now we are in the bush without a dog!
Mickey: Wait a minute!
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Our Doors Are Open Again!

Good news! We are open from 11-5 daily for in-store shopping, but with a limited capacity at the moment. As usual, we require customers to wear masks for entry and at all times in the store, as well as a … Continue reading

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Curbside Pick-Up & Service at the Door


Due to the current Covid numbers, we have decided to adopt the model of curbside pick-up and/or service at the door. While we are not allowing extended browsing in the store at this time, you can still get your books here at Bell’s! Here are the two best ways:

  1. Curbside pick-up: Give us a call at (650) 323-7822 between 11 am and 5 pm. We are happy to take a look through our shelves to find the one you’re looking for, or make suggestions for alternates. From there, we can process a card over the phone and have the book ready for pick up between the above hours of the same day! Or, we can offer a couple of options for you to peruse when you come by.
  2. Service at the door: If you find yourself in the neighborhood between 11 am and 5 pm, you can come up to the door and ask us for a book. We are happy to look for anything you might have in mind, and we will have plenty of exciting titles in the windows for browsing.

And as always, check out our Instagram for inspiration! We will be posting lots of books and shelves on our Stories, and we have books for every interest.

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New Year, New President, New Attitude

We are assembling a presidential window display, to celebrate a new era: Check our Instagram account soon for pictures. We have a number of books signed by previous presidents, including Jimmy Carter, the subject of the recent PBS documentary.

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December Hours

Bell’s Books will be open 7 DAYS A WEEK

from Thanksgiving to Christmas from 11 – 5.

Please Note: Due to the new Covid-19 regulations, we must restrict in-store browsing to four customers at a time, and, if people are waiting, to a maximum time of fifteen minutes.

Appointments at other hours are also available.

Hope to see you soon!

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We Now Have Big Little Books!

Thanks to a recent acquisition, Bell’s Books now has hundreds of Big Little Books ranging from the early 1930s all the way up to the 1990s.

Big Little Books started through Whitman, a subsidiary of Dell publishing, in 1932. The format is a small, usually hardcover, boxy book with hundreds of pages, an illustration on one side, and text on the other. The subject matter was primarily inspired from radio programs, film, and newspaper comic strips of the time.

Around 1937 Big Little Books became known as “Better Little Books,” which remained in operation through the early 1950s. There was a minor revival of the Big Little format in the late 1960s to incorporate a whole new generation of television watchers, and these versions frequently included full-color illustrations throughout.

Due to the fragile nature of the pulp paper on which these books were printed, and the fact that most children felt an impulse to color or mark up the illustrations, Big Little Books have become rarer and rarer to acquire as time goes on. Our current collection includes well over 500 different titles (an extraordinary number to have in one place).

So, come in and experience the action-packed adventures of Tarzan, Dick Tracy, Little Orphan Annie, Blondie and Dagwood, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Tailspin Tommy, among many others, and take a piece of history home with you.

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New Hours!!

Greetings, fellow book explorers!

Bell’s Books now has NEW HOURS as follows:

11 A.M. to 5 P.M. six days a week, Wednesday through Monday

Closed Tuesdays only

This means Sunday is now a shopping option for you weekend browsers.


Hope to see you soon!


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Temporarily Closed

Bell’s Books Store is temporarily closing its doors due to poor air quality from wildfires in the region. Since we currently keep our doors open during regular business hours, we feel it is better for everyone’s safety to avoid any excess exposure to these potentially harmful particles from the fires.

We will keep you updated as the situation develops.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.


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New Hours

Greetings, Avid Readers!

As of Wednesday, August 19th, Bell’s Books will be open 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. six days a week.

We will be closed on Tuesdays.


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Phew! Finally…

Hooray! After a long hiatus, Bell’s Books is ready to open its doors to the public again!

Well…it was clearly time to shake up our layout, so we took this opportunity to widen our aisles, clean those corners, and dig out hidden treasures to share with you. Come see the changes and say hello to old friends! In celebration of Bell’s Books turning 85, we welcome you back.

We will be open (with all Covid precautions in place) this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 7th through the 9th from 11 to 4.

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